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August 2015

“Oddizzi transformed geography teaching in my primary school”

We know that nothing beats hearing about a resource from another teacher, so watch Jessica Hill in the short video below, where she shares how Oddizzi is used in her school.

Why schools love Oddizzi

Week commencing: 16th March 2015

Oddizzi’s New Geography Quiz, Umbuzo


We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new, interactive geography quiz Umbuzo.
Our quiz will allow you to make geography lessons more fun and stimulating for children and to test your pupils’ knowledge retention.
There are currently five quizzes available, covering key areas of the geography curriculum: Continents and Oceans, The United Kingdom, Hot and Cold Places, South America and Brazil and Rainforests. We are also working on the next quiz, which will be based on Weather and Climate.

Each quiz is a fun and interactive way of testing locational and place knowledge, as well as key physical and human topics. It is also a useful way of assessing how much your pupils have learnt.

But don’t just listen to us, because we obviously love Umbuzo! We had a group of Oddizzi super users test it out. To hear some of their feedback, watch the short film below.

Week commencing: 2nd March 2015

Fairtrade Fortnight

During Fairtrade fortnight, we thought we would share this film from Riverford Farm in Devon with you.
Riverford Farm visited organic banana growers in the Dominican Republic to find out how bananas are grown and how Fairtrade helps them. Watch the film below with your pupils to learn more.

Fairtrade Fortnight

Week commencing: 9th February 2015

Learn about Chinese New Year with your students.

Oddizzi recently collaborated with a school in Hong Kong, to create a series of short films introducing Chinese New Year (February 19, 2015).

Check out some amazing dragon dances, energetic Gong Fu performances and children’s views about what makes this time of year special in China.

Happy Chinese New Year

Take a free trial to access the more Chinese New Year films and resources.

Week commencing: 8th December 2014

There’s no better way to introduce a country or a region than from the air. We’ve 25 new videos from Skyworks sharing the UK, the USA and more. Here’s just one to get you started.

South Africa

Week commencing: 23rd November 2014

It’s Thanksgiving in the USA this week. How much do children outside of the US know about this traditional festival? Share this film from Carlyton aged 9 about Thanksgiving where she lives.


Week commencing: 17th November 2014

It’s hard to find contrasting localities resources that are ideal for KS1. Welcome to Mugurameno, Zambia, a full set of resources introducing children to the lives of children in this African village, and highlighting both the similarities and differences between them. We include a comprehensive teachers guide, scheme of work and full worksheet pack for KS1

Welcome to Mugurameno

Base Station Paradise Bay Antartica

Antarctica is almost entirely covered by ice

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